Snacks – 1

The next topic in the Best Practices series is Snacks.  We will talk about five things to consider when dealing with Snacks starting with product selection and placement.  Keep plenty of your best selling snacks on hand.  Remove slower selling items if needed to make sure you have shelf space for your best selling snacks.

13. Best Practices Part 1 of Snacks

Seasonal Sales

Seasonal Sales can mean a variety of things like weather seasons, a holiday is approaching, sports seasons, or other special times like back to school or spring break. Help your customers celebrate each season by providing items for sale that are appropriate for that time of year.

10. Best Practices Seasonal Sales

Change to Bag Candy procedure

Standard Distributing Co. has changed the way they sell bag candy.  In the past bag candy was available in case pack only.  You can now purchase bag candy in groups of 3 bags of the same type.  The advantages of this are:  wider variety of product in the same space, fresh product, order only what you need.

Bag Candy Changes