VIP Voyagers Trip Winners

The winners of the first VIP Voyagers trip to Cancun have been announced.  Someone from each of the three convenience stores will be given an all expense paid trip to Cancun.  The three winning stores are:

Mo’s Corner #1 in Collinsville, OK

Sr. Perry Mart in Perry, OK

Maveric Mini Mart in Cushing, OK

The trip is hosted by Standard Distributing, your complete convenience store supplier, with a special thanks to the following vendors: Muell Yurgae Associates, Liggett Vector, Swisher International, Convenience Valet, Creative Container, Inc., The Hershey Company, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co.

Congratulation to the first set of winners!  For more information about the VIP Voyagers trip program contact any member of our sales team.

VIP Voyager WInners

Thanks for 100 Years and Growing

Thanks to our many customers, suppliers, employees, family and friends for helping Standard Distributing reach 100 years in business. A special thanks to those of you who attended our 100th Anniversary celebrations recently. Without all of you, our continued success would not be possible.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with all of you as we move forward.

Don’t forget the Boomers

Everyone is talking about the effect of Generation Y (Millennials) on the Convenience Store market. But don’t forget the Baby Boomers. They still account for roughly half of consumer spending. They’re also brand (and store) loyal. That amounts to a lot of business for convenience stores.

Are You Loosing Ground with Coffee?

These days you can get a decent cup of coffee just about anywhere. Since the rise of high-end coffee houses created a nation of coffee snobs, many convenience stores, once known for watery, flavorless brews, have kicked up their coffee game with higher quality beans, more sophisticated brewing techniques, improved branding, updated equipment and better atmosphere. Competition for consumers’ hot dispensed beverage dollars is at an all time high.

Are you doing what you should to gain your share of this business?

Thanks to NACS Magazine, July 2014.