Our entire sales staff at Standard Distributing is dedicated to ensuring that our customers are aware of the latest products and promotions available from our suppliers. From frequent fliers announcing new products and promotions when they are made available by suppliers, to our regularly-scheduled “Profit Builders” booklet we work hard to help you improve your profit potential. We also provide updated information to our customers constantly so they are aware of the latest new products and promotions in our primary cigarette and tobacco categories.

Additionally, our buyers and sales personnel work with supplier representatives to develop product promotions designed specifically to help our customers improve their profit potential.

Convenience store promotions and product announcements:

Augmented Reality 3D Gaming Gun

Introducing  the Augmented Reality 3D Gaming Gun Sync this toy gun to your smart phone for the Augmented Reality experience.  The game follows your movements so you can fire at targets anywhere you turn. AR Gun Flyer Click here to go to their website  

Profit Builders

Profit Builders is a way for Standard Distributing Co. to communicate to customers and friends: New Products Specials Deals Articles Special Events Please review all parts for all of the latest news and specials. Profit Builders Part 1 Profit Builders Part 2 Profit Builders Part 3 Profit Builders Part 4      

Hostess Update…

Because of some of the problems that Hostess has in the re-launching of their brands, they have issued a letter explaining how they resolved some issues and announcing the new production schedules for their pastries.  Thank you to our customers for your patience and understanding and thank you to Hostess for keeping us informed. A […]

ZiiZii Order Entry

Standard Distributing is proud to announce ZiiZii Order Entry. Customers can use it to create and transmit orders using a smart phone or tablet (iOS or Android).  When coupled with a bluetooth scanner, a customer can scan products or shelf tags to easily create and add items to their order.  Item descriptions and customer specific pricing […]

Pastries Program

Standard Distributing offers a wide variety of pastries, breads and buns through their pastries program. They carry a variety of products from great suppliers such as Mrs. Freshley’s, Hostess, Prairie City, Otis Spunkmeyer, Mindy Lue’s, and Ne-Moe’s.  Contact a sales rep. or call (918) 224-7777 for more information. STC Programs – Pastries  

Merchandising Program

Standard Distributing Co. has a great staff of people who can help with the design and layout of your merchandising area.  They know what it takes for a store to look it’s best and be most profitable.  Contact us at (918) 224-7777 to see what we can do for you.   STC Programs-Merchandising

VIP Voyagers Trip Program

  Standard Distributing is proud to announce our 2016 our VIP Voyagers trip program. Participate in this exclusive program and you will have an amazing opportunity to travel to Cancun, Mexico.  Stay at the spectacular Secrets The Vine Resort.  Indulge in the junior suite accommodations and enjoy luxury all-inclusive services in an adults-only setting. Stroll […]

100 Years News Article

Click to view the Tulsa World news article about Standard Distributing Company celebrating 100 years in business.  Learn about their history and how they became a premier wholesale distributor to convenience stores, . Tulsa World Standard Distributing 11-16-14    

EBT Processing Program

Standard Distributing Co. is proud to announce their new EBT Processing Program. For low EBT processing fees and low credit card processing fees lease your equipment through Standard Distributing Co. EBT Processing Program