Our entire sales staff at Standard Distributing is dedicated to ensuring that our customers are aware of the latest products and promotions available from our suppliers. From frequent fliers announcing new products and promotions when they are made available by suppliers, to our regularly-scheduled “Profit Builders” booklet we work hard to help you improve your profit potential. We also provide updated information to our customers constantly so they are aware of the latest new products and promotions in our primary cigarette and tobacco categories.

Additionally, our buyers and sales personnel work with supplier representatives to develop product promotions designed specifically to help our customers improve their profit potential.

Convenience store promotions and product announcements:

Borden Milk Program

Standard Distributing Co. is now able to offer a Border Milk program to our customers. Milk, 2% milk, chocolate milk, and orange juice delivered fresh to you. Fresh Milk Program

Coffee program

Standard Distributing Co. is now able to provide a complete coffee program to our customers. This includes complete setup of first class, high quality, attractive, equipment at little or no cost to our customers.

Cold Cow Milkshakes

Standard Distributing Co. can now provide to C Stores smooth, creamy, delicious milkshakes from Cold Cow.  These great tasting milkshakes will be delivered to you frozen and after just a few seconds in a microwave your customer has a delicious milk shake ready to drink.  Simple to prepare, low maintenance, six flavors, little cleanup and good profits. […]

Penguin Ice

Penguin Ice is a gourmet slush drink that your customers are sure to enjoy.  With many flavors to choose from and free product included with your initial purchase you will be ready to make great profits right away. Penguin Ice Penguin Ice Product flier  

Gehl’s Nacho Sauce

Turn ordinary items into extraordinary dishes with Gehl’s Nacho Sauce. Use Gehl’s chili or cheese sauce on Gehl’s Tortilla Chips, sandwiches, hot dogs, or side dishes. Item #   Description                                                     […]