ZiiZii Order Entry


Standard Distributing is proud to announce ZiiZii ZiiZiiPhoneOrder Entry.
Customers can use it to create and transmit orders using a smart phone or tablet (iOS or Android).  When coupled with a bluetooth scanner, a customer can scan products or shelf tags to easily create and add items to their order.  Item descriptions and customer specific pricing is displayed for approval before sending the order.

Benefits of ZiiZii Order Entry:

  • ZiiZii is designed so you can order in the shortest amount of time possible (some users report a savings of an hour per week).
  • ZiiZii has built in catalog and search functions to let you quickly find items you’re looking for.
  • Does not require a large data plan.   ZiiZii is a “sometimes” connected solution; you only need a Wi-Fi or cell phone connection when updating the catalog and sending an order.
  • Review sent orders.

See how easy it is to use ZiiZii for iPhone or iPad.  The Android version is very similar.

ZiiZii Order Entry flyer

Please contact your sales rep. or Standard Distributing at (918) 224-7777 for more information.