Supplier Relationships

At Standard Distributing, our customer service is as attentive now as it was when we were delivering products from horse drawn wagons. Today, we’re aided by advanced technology and a speedy delivery fleet. We take pride in the extensive capabilities we offer our customers.


With a combined experience base of more than 300 years, the sales staff at Standard Distributing is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry. We readily share our expertise with our customers, and apply it to analyze and improve your business.

Dedication and Communication

Our dedicated sales people visit stores once or twice weekly, outpacing our competition. During these store visits, scheduled at your convenience, our friendly sales representatives consult with you on such matters as product line and inventory control to maximize sales and minimize outages. We go beyond just taking orders to provide reports, business reviews, and other information to help you stay on top of the market and improve your bottom line.


In addition to identifying cost-saving strategies for you, our sales staff can help you take full advantage of rebate programs for added income. Plus we pick up credits regularly, saving you time and money. In addition, we make sure our customers are informed about all supplier promotions and new product trends.


At Standard Distributing, we treat our customers like partners and friends, offering full merchandising support, help with setting and tagging shelves, and assistance to assure product presentation is the most effective it can be.


Our customers can choose to enter their orders at their convenience using EDI or online ordering. They may also choose to scan products and transmit their order using a smartphone app or a Cipherlab handheld order entry device. Or if required our sales reps can assist with orders using an Intermec advanced handheld order entry device. All methods use state of the art technology to make ordering easier, quicker and virtually error free. We are constantly evaluating new order entry methods as they become available.