ZiiZii, Web Console, and Cipherlab instructions

Standard Distributing accepts orders using several methods.  While we still receive orders via a Telxon device, fax, e-mail, or over the telephone, the most popular methods are:


ZiiZii is an app for smart phones or tablets that will allow the user to scan UPC codes or shelf tags to add items to an order.  The built in camera or a wireless bluetooth scanner is used to scan products. Information including product description, price, unit of measure, and suggested retail price is displayed when the item is scanned.  An error message is displayed if an invalid item is scanned. Order totals are also displayed.  The order is sent using the cell phone or a hotspot.  Ask about the many features of ZiiZii Order Entry.

Web Console

Web Console is an on-line program that can greatly enhance the Standard Distributing customer experience.  It can be used to place orders, view past invoices, view A/R balances, browse our catalog, print reports, set retail prices and much more.  Because the user is logged into our system over the internet, item descriptions and prices can be viewed and orders are placed immediately.

CipherLab Order Entry

Use a Cipherlab Order Entry device to scan UPC codes or shelf tags to add items to an order.  The scanned items are not immediately verified and no description or price is displayed but scanning is faster and more accurate than other methods of entering orders.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) – If you have software that is capable of creating purchase orders, you are a candidate for EDI ordering.  After some programming is completed, an order can be sent to Standard Distributing using FTP over the internet at the press of a button. Ask your sales rep. or call Standard Distributing at (918) 224-7777 for more information.

C-Store order entry instructions

C-store order entry instructions Cipherlab Scanner pic