Why Standard?

Why should you buy from Standard Distributing?  Great Customer Service:

Regular Sales Calls

Our salesman will call at a convenient time (in most cases a minimum of once per week) to check with the store manager, assist with orders, present deals and promotions and handle credits. Additionally, they will check product tags and product cleanliness, verify adequate stock, handle special orders and special requests, and periodically review store layout, product placement and product mix.

Timely Delivery

Next day delivery a minimum of once per week on a dependable time schedule.

Merchandising Service

Our merchandising team, with over 60 years of experience will help you with assembling, setting and tagging shelves. But perhaps our greatest service is in providing complete store resets.

Improved Order Accuracy

Means fewer returns and stock-outs. Our order fill rate normally approaches 98%. Our state-of-the-art PickRight order pulling system ensures greater accuracy by our warehouse personnel.  Additionally, whether you place your order online using Web Console, use our smart phone app, use a Cipherlab handheld order entry devise, use EDI to transmit orders, or our sales rep places orders using an Intermec handheld computer, technology helps ensure fewer order errors.

Wide Selection of Items

Our complete line of cigarettes, tobacco, concession stand supplies, smoker accessories, fine cigars, groceries, snacks, automotive, batteries, candies, gum & mints, beverages, gloves, store & janitorial supplies, paper supplies & cups, HBA, frozen food & food service supplies means one stop shopping and fewer vendors to deal with. And if we don’t have it, we can get it.

Consolidation of Vendors

Our large selection of products means you can choose to deal with fewer vendors, fewer invoices, fewer deliveries, fewer checks to write, etc. resulting in time and money savings for you.

Administrative Reports

Movement reports, business reviews and more to help identify opportunities to improve your business. You can review many of these reports and review past orders using Web Console.

Assistance with Rebate Programs

Secure additional income from a variety of suppliers such as Hershey, Phillip Morris, R. J. Reynolds, etc.

Regular Pick-Up of Credits

Saves you money.

Timely Notification of New Product Availability

Improves your product selection and profit.

Timely Notification of Supplier Promotions

Improves your costs and profit.

Customized Order Forms

Produced just for you to make ordering easier. Order guides that contain barcodes are available for use with a scanner.  And order templates can be created to be used as a basis for your next online order using Web Console.

Local, Family-Owned

We have been in northeast Oklahoma since 1914. Our sales and merchandising staff has more than 300 years of combined experience in our industry. We have the knowledge, skills and ability to service your store and increase your profits like no one else.